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How we transformed Bonus into the loyalty rewards app that customers have always wanted.
A user checking the alpha bonus homepage screenA user checking the alpha bonus homepage screen
Bonus is the loyalty program that offers rewards customers actually want.

Bonus loyalty program is built to reward customers for using any Alpha Bank product that participates in the scheme, and mainly Bonus cards when making purchases. The program aims to provide incentives and benefits to customers, encouraging loyalty to its associated partners.

In late 2017, we initiated our collaboration with Alpha Bank, aiming to revamp an outdated mobile app. In November 2018, we redesigned Bonus and helped it become Greece's most distinct loyalty program app. The redesign prioritized user-friendly functionality, offering direct access to program offers and partner benefits.

The app allows users to locate and engage with businesses, track points for redemption, and analyze transaction history. Personalized feeds and proximity-based notifications enhance user engagement. Exclusive features for Gold users, including premium offers and a distinct app interface, were introduced.

Today, Alpha Bank Bonus program is collaborating with major partners, such as the food delivery app Box, bp, and Aegean. It continues to redefine loyalty programs, showcasing the impact of strategic collaboration and commitment to user experience.
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Zefi Paraskevopoulou
Loyalty Programs Manager, Alpha bank
Our collaboration has transcended the boundaries of designing yet another app, as the Desquared team has become and continues to be a strategic partner for us.

The Bonus app that keeps on giving

Experience a world of rewards with Bonus loyalty program. Your Bonus cards turn every purchase into a celebration of benefits, offering regular rewards that go beyond the ordinary.

Personalized feed of offers

The app's algorithm creates a personalized feed of offers based on the user's navigation, previous transactions, and preferences, prioritizing relevant offers.

Premium user experience

Bonus loyalty program aims for perfection in UX/UI design, offering world-class, modern aesthetics, and top-notch performance to ensure a premium and enjoyable user experience.

Exclusive benefits for gold users

The program offers exclusive benefits, including special offers, a distinct "Exclusive" gold skin for a premium feel, and access to unique options.

Strategic partner benefits

Alpha Bank Bonus program fosters business growth for its partners, by empowering them, to enhance promotions, form partnerships, and boost transactions, all through a robust channel.
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