BOX: Greece’s fastest growing food delivery service

Box mobile app
Built by Desquared and operated with our partners, BOX is a leading food delivery app offering unrivaled rewards for users and brand loyalty for merchants.
BOX entered a fiercely competitive market in 2019. Food delivery in Greece was largely dominated and monopolized by one player. We needed out-of-the-box thinking. We needed a bold, fresh, innovative approach.
For BOX to succeed, we established a value proposition no other food delivery service could match: an unprecedented rewards program coupled with unbeatable service.
Today BOX has a large and loyal customer base and is one of the country’s most popular food delivery services. Customers are generously rewarded for using BOX, and in turn merchants receive more orders. It’s a proliferating win-win for customers and merchants.
4.6 average rating App Store & Play Store
Box mobile appBox mobile app
BOX provides the highest quality service with the best reward scheme on the market
Generous rewards
Excellent user experience
Market penetration and exclusive partnerships
Merchant empowerment and retention
The secret to our success lies in our relentless pursuit of perfection through software development and design. With our extraordinary team, we've shattered barriers and reached new heights.
Christoforos loutzakis
box head of product
delivery guy
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