We aim to be makers of the world’s most loved digital products. That’s exactly who we’re looking for.
We’re seeking makers who are driven to discover new methodologies, hone their expertise, and deliver perfect results.
To improve people’s lives.
Our teams are multi-disciplinary and our processes demand cooperation between design, engineering, marketing, and across products.
We thrive on co-creativity.
Lifetime, Lifestyle is our approach to shaping long-term relationships with our clients and our people, striving to contribute to their business growth and personal happiness.

These two principles ensure the sustainability and profitability of our company, and they maximize the success of the people we work closely with.

We help our people grow, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills, understand the business aspects of the products they are working on, and own their work end-to-end. Team members directly cooperate with our partners’ teams, without intermediaries.
Team Battle in Action
Desquared team paintball activity
Where Magic Happened
Desquared annual event 2023
Hands Up, Hearts Racing
Desquared annual event 2023
Run a Thousand Miles #5kmarathon
Desquared team marathon activity
Spreading Christmas Cheer
Christmas tree decoration 2023
We respect our people’s lives outside work. We’re happy to see them have various interests and offer the work conditions that allow them to pursue them.

So, if you're a maker who's passionate about creating digital products that make a difference in people's lives, we would love to hear from you!


Competitive salary on the high end of market standards
Clear career plan for all full-time employees
Benefits based on seniority levels and flexible benefits according to individual needs
Paid annual leave
Opportunity to work with top individuals and reputable institutions in your field
Participate in workshops and trainings to evolve your skills
two women collaborating
man talking


What is our working model? Hybrid, remote, on-site?
Does our working model apply to all employees?
Can one live in a different city and work for Desquared? Do we have cases of employees living in the countryside?
How do the teams and generally all the employees bond with each other? i.e. Friday night drinks
Is there a dress code?
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