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Built by Desquared, Wave Grocery is our e-commerce platform designed specifically for supermarkets and grocery stores. With a feature-rich jackpot.
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We've created the grocery experience we'd love as customers.

Wave Grocery platform takes a holistic approach to the online supermarket and grocery ecosystem. From discovery to purchasing, order fulfillment to reordering, and creating loyal customers, our platform supports and nurtures maximum growth for online grocery businesses.

It is built to integrate with existing internal systems such as EPRs, CRMs, loyalty schemes, and more. This enables our partners to easily onboard and begin to optimize their businesses to deliver more value to their customers and increase their bottom lines.

Our fair pricing model eliminates upfront investments in software, equipment, or a dark hub.
Boussias CX/UX Awards
Best response to the COVID-19 crisis
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Sales made through WG per month
Stores using WG across Greece
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Giorgos Agorastos
E-shop operation coordinator, Kritikos
Having a mobile app score of 4.7 is a testament to the broad capabilities that Wave Grocery can provide, in a smooth and fueled by simplicity way.
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The complete online grocery platform

Built For Grocery Businesses

We maximize grocery stores’ benefits by optimizing profit margins through live inventory & price updates, offers, timeslots management and out-of-stock product replacements, while enhancing the relationships with suppliers via advanced promotional tools.

Easily Scalable

Our partners can set up their digital ordering network based on existing physical stores, networks and inventories with no need for dark hubs or large brick-and-mortar investments.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate existing tools and platforms such as ERP systems, CRMs, invoicing solutions and more for unparalleled coordination, streamlining and digital to physical operations and improve performance.

Unparalleled Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed as UX-optimized web & mobile ordering apps simulate a real store shopping experience, enhanced with personalized suggestions using AI & advanced machine learning.

No Upfront Costs Or Investments

Our platform allows organizations to quickly and easily launch and grow without needing any special equipment.

Pay As You Grow

Our transparent pay-as-you-grow model favors common incentives and mutual success with no strings attached.

You’ve won the feature jackpot

Wave Grocery has all the tools your business needs to thrive on the online grocery front, and all the features customers want for their online grocery shopping experience.
Web ordering app
Mobile ordering app
Admin panel & store management
Picker application
Phone orders
Delivery application
Loyalty schemes
Incredible companies use Wave Grocery
partner box
Fastest growing food
delivery service in
4.7 mobile app rating
Supermarket Kritikos
One of the largest
supermarket chains in
Over 500 grocery stores
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