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Cutting-edge and user-centric, Cosmote App is Greece's premier mobile application, delivering effortless telecom management and breakthrough features.
Cosmote mobile app homepageCosmote mobile app homepage
Cosmote App is the app of the future, and that future is happening today!

Back in 2017, Cosmote App was driven by a visionary quest to cover the gap between customers and telecommunications services. Its supreme goal is to simplify and elevate the telecom experience by providing all Cosmote customers with a self-service application through which they can purchase packages, check their balances, view and pay their bills online, and have help and support.

Today, Cosmote App is a leading telco app in the Greek Market as it serves a huge amount of users monthly and displays an improved average rating - on the Google Play Store - from 3.4 to 4.6 stars after our first redesign in 2017.

Desquared supported this vision right from the start by covering every aspect of the mobile application, from initial planning and concept development to user research, testing, and the actual design, development, and deployment of the app.
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Redefining your telecom experience today

Cosmote App stands as a testament to Cosmote's commitment to revolutionizing the telecommunications landscape in Greece, providing high-quality and innovative services to its users.

Immediate service choices

Beyond data package activation, talk time additions, and exploring extra services, the app offers even more. Our users can purchase TV services and even acquire a new mobile number, all within a few taps.

Service utilization tracking

The application provides users with up-to-the-minute insights into their service usage. Customers can monitor their data consumption, voice calls, and messages, ensuring they maintain control over their usage and steer clear of unexpected fees.

Continuous transactions

Users can securely and effortlessly manage their bills through the Cosmote App's smooth payment feature. They can also renew or upgrade their current contracts effortlessly by simply following a couple of steps in the app.

Customer loyalty program

Cosmote App offers enticing rewards, exclusive discounts, and personalized offers through its loyalty program. This enhances the overall user experience.

Non-stop assistance & support

The app offers a support center, allowing customers easy access to help whenever they require it. The application is designed to provide non-stop assistance, from troubleshooting common issues to accessing FAQs and reaching out to customer support.

Empowering & educating users

Cosmote App empowers, educates, and guides customers on how to get the most out of their products. It offers useful tips and tailored suggestions to help users make the most of their services.
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