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Innovating with impact. How we turned the Cosmote Insurance aggregation platform into an industry game changer.
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Simple, effective, and powerful insurance aggregation.

The platform compares policies, terms, and benefits of distinct insurance packages from across the industry. With Cosmote Insurance, users spend less time researching and more time identifying the best possible package for them.

In order to better satisfy their customers, Cosmote Insurance wanted to streamline the customer experience and give them a convenient and accessible method for finding insurance. In order to achieve that, the Desquared team worked across the full product lifecycle.

Together, Cosmote and Desquared deliver a platform with a modern minimalist design aesthetic, that gives customers all the data they need to make smart, intuitive decisions.
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Digital Finance Awards
Insurtech of the Year
Sales Excellence Awards
Online Sales
Digital Finance Awards
Best Digital Insurance Broker Portal
76 NPS
On a scale of -100 to +100 people just love it
Conversion rate increase
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Eva Mara
Product Manager, cosmote insurance
Desquared significantly improved our online presence with their SEO service, taking us from low rankings to the first page, while also delivering an aesthetically pleasing, clean, and responsive website design that perfectly aligns with our sales goals. Their attention to detail is outstanding.

Unveiling insurance excellence

What makes Cosmote Insurance industry-leading.

Customized design experience

Our tailor-made design paved the way for a unique user experience and overall public appearance. By analyzing Cosmote's brand identity, meticulously planning, and drafting custom-made designs, we offered a complete design experience.

Mobile-first approach

Our strategic approach has successfully expanded our customer base, introducing Cosmote Insurance to a previously untapped audience. To effectively engage this newfound clientele, we implemented design optimizations that have seamlessly enhanced the overall experience for both Cosmote and its valued customers.

Community trust

We boosted community trust in the Cosmote brand by delivering high-quality user experiences. Through extensive research and user testing, we meticulously crafted content that resonated with Cosmote's dedicated user base.

Ongoing support

We enhanced Cosmote Insurance’s brand credibility delivering a stream of up-to-date information and modern designs. We adapted the product to new customer desires, updated its platforms, and eventually differentiated from competitors.


We crafted a detailed base of data-driven decision-makinwhich led to higher conversion rates. Our rich web of analytical systems offered valuable insights into user behavior, search trends, and more, facilitating better strategic decisions.

Collaboration & communication

We proactively addressed potential issues and optimized the products' operations, through a rigorous QA research process, consistent feedback sessions, and frequent updates. Our refined reporting system ensured real-time access to adjustments, enhancements, and iterative improvements that helped the product to maintain its competitive edge.
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