Convenient, transparent, and innovative, myHeron is a highly-rated platform and app that revolutionized the digital energy market.
User using the myHeron app in mobileUser using the myHeron app in mobile
Picture a world where managing your home's energy is as easy as a swipe of your finger. Meet myHeron, the future of digital energy management.

It all started in 2021 when myHeron was in search of a reliable partner who could not only handle the app and platform, but also bring something distinctive to stand out in the market.

When our partnership first began, the old website featured a basic interface with limited functionality, providing a suboptimal user experience. Its simplistic design fell short of industry standards, lacking the sophistication needed to compete in today's market.

Today, myHeron is regarded as the most renowned energy platform in Greece, featuring a number of useful services such as self-metering and a world-class design that transformed the digital appearance of the brand, leading to a significant increase in user satisfaction.

We're forging ahead with our collaboration, driven by the goal of exceeding our existing users' expectations and attracting new ones under myHeron's banner. The future is here, and we're here to seize it.
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Eirini Arvaniti
Product Manager, myheron
Desquared has been an invaluable partner, providing exceptional UX guidance and the latest development expertise, instrumental in the success of our self-care app.
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Harness your energy management with myHeron

With myHeron, customers save time and gain control over their home’s energy.

Advanced digitalization & innovative features

myHeron leads the way in the energy market with advanced digitalization, streamlining processes, and innovative features such as e-contracting, combined energy & gas purchase, and the unique "Measure yourself" functionality.

One application to serve them all

myHeron fuses all available HERON services into a single application. E-contracts of all kinds can be offered, signed, and sent to new customers. This enables unparalleled efficiency through end-to-end digital onboarding with plan acquisition.

High-quality user experience

The application is designed to provide a world-class user experience with state-of-the-art UX/UI designs, ensuring that users have a smooth and user-friendly interaction with the platform.

Loyalty scheme

myHeron has a loyalty program that offers incentives, rewards, and discounts to customers, increasing their engagement and satisfaction.
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