NBG Internet Banking

Comprehensive and uncompromising, NGB Internet banking is the leading e-banking service that’s secure, feature-rich and available 24/7 to serve a nation.
User using the NBG Internet Banking in laptopUser using the NBG Internet Banking in laptop
NGB Internet Banking covers everyone’s banking needs at home and mobile around the world 24/7.

Our journey with NBG Internet Banking began 6 years ago as a vision for modernizing the banking experience, offering a revolutionary way to manage finances and transactions.

Today, NBG Internet Banking stands as a beacon of innovation, providing a comprehensive suite of services that transcend traditional banking. From investment management and flexible FX trading to versatile loan applications and personalized money transfer options, we've redefined banking for millions.

Our commitment to accessibility has ensured that all customers, including individuals with disabilities, can independently engage with their financial services. Our responsive design guarantees an optimal experience across devices and screen sizes.

As we reflect on our journey, we aspire to continue evolving from a 4 million user product to an 8 million user powerhouse with expansion plans. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and cutting-edge experience management remains unwavering.
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Thomas Tsopanakis
Head of User Experience, NBG Digital Banking
Desquared undoubtedly helped us elevate our online banking experience to the next level, by providing us with an exceptional UI/UX design for our Internet Banking platform, being highly professional throughout the project. NBG Internet Banking has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers, making banking more convenient and efficient for our users.
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A new standard of what’s possible in online banking

Whether it’s offering a customizable and personalizable everyday banking experience or providing investment and trading services, NGB Internet Banking has raised the bar in online banking.

A truly customizable & personalizable banking experience

Customers can tailor their online banking experience. They can set transaction alerts, organize account preferences, create financial goals and budgets, and more – all from the comfort of their home or on the go.

A plethora of services & offers beyond basic banking

Investment portfolio management, FX trading services, loan applications, multiple money transfers, and various transactional requests are all possible with NGB Internet Banking. The platform also enables customers to make payments via a variety of sales options like debit, credit, prepaid cards, business, mortgage, and consumer loans.

Modern banking made available to everyone

By consciously removing barriers, NGB Internet Banking is accessible to all individuals from all backgrounds, including those with disabilities. NGB Internet Banking is proudly committed to enabling full and independent access and engagement to its online banking services.

Online banking designed to work fast & flawlessly

NBG Internet Banking automatically adjusts and adapts the layout, content, and functionality to different devices, screen sizes, and user interactions. The seamless, expert design means that the user experience remains optimal regardless of the device being used.
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