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Meet What's Up App, the prepaid mobile industry's powerhouse that revolutionized the sector.
User using the What's up app in mobileUser using the What's up app in mobile
Plugin to endless mobile connectivity.

What's Up App is an out-of-the-box communication solution that’s rapidly become a leading player in the Greek prepaid mobile market. The application allows users to instantly top up their active data plans, view their remaining balance at a glance, and access a number of loyalty schemes with unique prizes.

Alongside affordable communication, What's Up App has become known as an app for community. It focuses on instilling a sense of belonging on the platform, allowing users to share and exchange data, minutes, and SMS with their friends. Save money, rapidly connect to the digital world, and keep communication flowing with What's Up App.

We re-designed and developed What's Up App for our partner, Cosmote, the largest mobile operator in Greece.
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Harry Oikonomidis
What's Up App creates a loyal user community and enhances their app experience, while partners benefit from increased revenue, improved brand reputation, and a stronger presence in the digital ecosystem.

Unravelling the competitive edge of What's Up App

Whether it’s advanced functionality or precise aesthetics, What's Up App sets the standard for an all-in-one communication experience.

Innovative loyalty & engagement programs

What's Up App offers unique loyalty and engagement programs, setting it apart from competitors. These programs are meticulously designed for the app's youthful audience, enhancing their user experience and streamlining engagement.

Holistic aesthetics & functionality

What's Up App excels in both aesthetics and functionality, catering precisely to its target demographic. The app breaks free from conventions, delivering a user-first experience that resonates with its young users and provides a comprehensive suite of features.

Distinctive features

With standout features like Experiences, Reload It, and #pare, What's Up App creates a vibrant user community. These features go beyond daily communication, integrating seamlessly into users' lives.

Fostering brand belonging

What's Up App establishes a profound sense of brand belonging among users through its innovative approach centered on connection. The benefits, community, and user-first focus sets it apart from competitors and enhances user loyalty.
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